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6 Succeér Inom Marknadsföring (och Warför De Fungerade)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… The list is long, social media is growing and is an increasing part of our everyday life. Half of the world’s population is active on social media, here are all the successful companies. We have selected our top 6 successes in marketing to give you inspiration for your own campaigns. 

  • ”How do I make my post stand out?”
  • ”Should I give up on natural followers and invest in ads?”
  • ”Which ads are best in that case?”

A good way to answer these questions is to look at the company that is actually succeeding today. We have picked out 6 marketing campaigns that have received the world’s attention. It might be about thunderous ads on Facebook or Twitter posts that get lots of natural likes. Whatever your plan is, these successes will help you understand the audience and crush your opponents online. 

Owlet Baby Care

Owlet baby care

Owlet Baby Care wants to help parents keep an eye on their children so they can relax, worry less and enjoy parenthood. Their main product is, the Smart Sock Baby Monitor it keeps track of the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate when sleeping so parents can be warned if the baby needs to be looked after. 

According to Edison Research, 81% of all mothers are active on Facebook, making Facebook the perfect platform for advertising children’s products. Facebook also has a lot of users aged 25-34, which is a common time to become a parent. 

There is demand, as well as the target group, but the company needed to reach out to its potential customers. To do this, they needed to attract the attention of users. When Covid-19 made it difficult for customers to feel the security that their product would provide in the store, they chose to try something new. Pastel colors against a night sky, good animations and outstanding products. Each ad also had a Buy Now button to increase call-to-action and place customers on the website to buy.

Owlet’s managers for their marketing have said that what made the ads extra successful was that they both created a nice visual story that markets the product as well as maintains the company’s appearance and values. 

Following the successful campaign, Owlet conducted a survey to compare animation with a studio-produced campaign, the new campaign yielded:

  • 6% higher income per krone spent
  • 19% higher order value
  • 55% higher percentage of clicks to the website (CTR)


Xbox is a game console that is growing a lot at the moment, we will look back at a campaign they did on Instagram. On Instagram, most of it is about what the picture looks like (it determines whether the viewer stops or scrolls on). They promote the Xbox design lab, a service that allows users to design the colors of their controls.

Xbox took a bunch of pictures with the popular ”flat style” (also known as tuber ). Here are the different color combinations you could create. What makes the campaign special is how well adapted it is to Instagram. The style with a picture from above is becoming more common on instagram and is often used for clothes, desks or food. However, Xbox has taken the style to a new level with this campaign. The fantastic color combinations and the discreet placement of the controls are also smart, just the right amount of advertising.

When you look a little closer, you see the reflection behind the pictures. Microsoft has targeted specific audiences of players. The target audience is always Xbox players but different types, athletes, gamers, artists intellectual or speed crazy. By targeting specific audiences, they were able to maximize engagement on each image.


GoPro is living proof that online competitions are still not extinct. With their annual competition to announce their new GoPro Hero 9 camera, they are attracting attention from all over the world. The competition allows users to submit their coolest uncut movies to win some of the billions in prize money. 

With over 10.9 million likes on their Facebook page, they got 29,000 people from 125 countries to submit their videos in just 80 days. With the clips from their camera, they made a video, ”2 minutes of what it means to be a part of the #GoProFamily”. The video was published on Facebook and gets lots of views. 

GoPro’s followers and fans are largely people who actually make clips themselves. So while 1 billion may sound like a lot of money for a campaign, they provide the opportunity to show their camera to potential customers worldwide while associating cool tricks and cool extreme sports with their brand.



Wendy campaign

Wendy campaign

The American fast food chain Wendy understood that the Americans felt lonely during the Covid crisis. They used twitter marketing as a means to reach out to their customers’ emotions and remind them that restaurants are still open. Their GroupNugs campaign , a variant of group hugs, reached customers and managed to raise awareness about their nuggets. 

They offered their customers to send 10 pieces of nuggets to a friend during a weekend campaign on twitters, another week they offered 4 nuggets in the drive through. All this only through twitter. What they have succeeded extra well with is influencing the feelings of the reader, by showing love and sympathy they managed to get their customers to come back to the restaurants. 

”You have not been isolated this long since primary school – you need a nugget.” – is another example of how well they adapted to the current situation. 

Krisers Pets

Krisers Pets is a company that offers washing of pets. In this picture, just like many others on their instagram, they used cute shampooed animals as marketing. Who does not like cute pets? – No, it is actually proven that pets are the best way to get us stressed people to stop in everyday life. Simply to read what companies have to offer. When I saw the picture myself, I immediately realized that Krisers Pets was washing pets, but a little humorously, I also wondered how many times the dog had to pose with his ears out to take the picture?

The easily accessible CTA button in the picture makes it easy to get in touch with the company to test their services. However, what makes this particular campaign brilliant is how clear it is what the company does, they wash pets. Sometimes the best way to present your business can actually be to easily and clearly take a picture of what you are doing. 

Crisis Pets


Award-winning actor and comedian Kevin Hart has a personality that dominates on camera as he uses his confidence and humor to create high-class entertainment. On his Instagram account with almost 60 million followers, he collaborated with Pokerstars , a website for online poker games. 

In addition to Hart, the post he made also included the runner Usain Bolt, the two celebrities competed to eat strong chicken wings. Daniel Negreau, a top-ranked poker player, acts as referee. Pokerstar’s decision to gather so many celebrities in the same post creates an unusual but funny combination. The combination both surprised and impressed the audience, but above all, Pokerstars proves to be a trendy company. The video also creates a memory that you can associate the company with. 

Creating marketing with comedy and celebrities proved to be very effective. The audience gets a fun way out of everyday life while being convinced that Pokerstars is something for them. The positive attitude towards the celebrities is discreetly transferred to the company. 

Is this something for us?

The answer is simple, yes it is! Although the right strategy for you may not be to copy one of the campaigns I went through today, you can definitely learn something from them and apply it to your own campaigns. Be careful not to copy these 6 marketing successes but make them your own. 

If you have learned something from this post, do not hesitate to share it with your friends and colleagues. So they can learn as much as you!