3-stegs Digital Strategi

The problem with a sharp digital strategy that helps you sell more online may be because we are constantly encouraged to do more things, said the Florida Independent director, who is currently very successful in his business.

You have to

  • Blog regularly
  • Run webinars
  • Post regularly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.
  • Have strong email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Focus on search engine optimization
  • Advertise on Facebook and Google
  • Write whitepapers and eBooks
  • Hold lectures

This leads to half-baked attempts in each category, instead of a focused effort on the few things that actually generate results. The truth is that a good digital strategy can generate new leads and paying customers every day, completely automatically.

Let’s take a closer look at our 3-step digital strategy that we use to generate new customers, where we have seen ROI as high as 1413%, ie SEK 1,413 sales for an invested hundred note.

1. Exposure
2. Provide value
3. Provide evidence

So we start with a very general advertising campaign on Facebook and Google to get people who are interested enough to at least visit our website.

This ad has given an ROI of 529%. As they visit our website, we can then show retargeting ads to those who visited the page but did not order from us, and we do this in a strategic way.

Instead of continuing to show ads that actually add some value, our first ad is a video where we tell you how to actually use what we sell to get results.

This ad has given an ROI of 883%.
We are directly responsible for how many companies in Sweden try to add any value at all to their target group?

Point # 3 in our digital strategy is another retargeting ad, in this case we take the opportunity to reduce the risk of hiring us by providing proof of how many satisfied customers we have had.

Again: instead of just having a “corporate movie from SEK 6,997” ad, we have a slideshow video where we show reviews from 11 of our customers who have been really happy.

This ad has given an ROI of 1413%.

Getting people to know us provides valuable information to these people that not only makes them like us a little more, but also strengthens the argument for why we should be hired, and reduces the risk of hiring us by proving that there is nothing to worry about because we have such satisfied customers.

Of course, our ads are in video format, not because that’s what we sell, but because it simply works best. Video performs significantly better than text and image, viewers remember better, and it places less demands on the brain office to watch a video than to read a text.

We can help you produce an exact copy of our strategy, for your company. We create a video about your company to gain exposure. After that, we create a valuable piece of content together, where you teach something that helps your target group, and finally we create a review video to prove how cruel you are based on what others say about you. After this, we will advertise the videos for you on the platform that best suits your target audience.

Order a video directly on our website, or contact us to discuss this 3-step campaign, and what it could look like for your company.

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