Hur du ökar din Google & Youtube-rang

Do you want more people to see your commercial?

Have you optimized the commercial for the search ranking?

If people can not find you, how will they watch your movie and become a customer of yours?

To get people to find your movie, you need to use the right keywords (ie keywords and phrases people search for on Google).

You probably know that keywords are important. The right keywords can mean the difference between the first page and the tenth page of Google / Youtube search results. And almost no one clicks past the first page.

Youtube and Google do not know what your movie contains. Therefore, you need to help by using keywords.

(A tool that can help you find the right keywords is Google Keyword Planner . If you use Google Adwords, you can also check your most profitable keywords.)

Keywords help search engines see if the content of the movie is relevant, and it helps your customer group to see what your movie is about.

So be sure to include keywords in your title, description and tags.

How do you do it right?

Follow these 4 steps to make your commercial rank higher in search results on Google and Youtube.

# 1: Use keywords in the movie filename

First, go to Youtube and create a channel for your business (Follow this English article if you do not already have a channel.)

(Why Youtube? Because almost all the movies Google shows in the search rankings are from Youtube. It does not guarantee that you end up on the first page. But you can be sure that Google will include the movie in the search results if you upload it on Youtube.)

Before uploading the commercial, be sure to use a keyword in the movie file name. How do you find keywords?

You are logged in to your Google Adwords account. If you do not have an account, you need to write down your name and also enter credit card info. However, no money will be deducted as long as you do not place an ad. So you can use the service for free.

On Google Adwords, just search your keyword.

DO THIS:  If you want your movie to appear on Google or Youtube when someone searches for ”Import from China”, then you need to name the movie’s filename ”import_from_china_video” .

# 2: Include keywords in the title

The title of the commercial is important. It is the one that appears in the search rankings on Google and Youtube. If you want to rank on a keyword, then your headline and description must use the same words that people search for on Google. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the search engines to know that your movie is about just that.

The title must also tell people what they will see in the film. Between 5-20 words is usually enough to describe it.

Example: A headline that just says ”Import China” will not get attention because it is uninteresting and non-specific.

A headline that specifically describes what the film contains (for example, ”Import from China: How to order products without being scammed”) gets people to click and watch.

Tip: Have the keyword in the first words of the title. If people Google, ”Import from China,” then the first word of the headline should be just that. It can give you a small boost in the search rankings.

# 3: Have keywords in the description

Youtube and Google can not ”listen” to what the movies contain. The description helps to explain what the movies contain.

There are three things you should have in the description. Have them in this order:

  • Link to your website. This makes it easy for potential customers to click through to your website.
  • Introduction that describes what the film is about. Write a few lines about your company and the product that the film talks about. Try to include some keywords and search phrases in this section. But keep in mind that it must sound natural. If you sound like a robot, it has the opposite effect. Pretend you’re describing something to a friend. Use only words or phrases you would use in that conversation.
  • Script that describes word for word what the narrator’s voice reads out in the film.

# 4: Optimize your tags

Include some keywords in the tags. It helps Google and Youtube understand what the movie is about.

The right tags not only help you rank higher on a keyword, they also make the movie appear as a related clip more often.

When someone watches a movie that has similar tags to your movie, then the movie appears in all related clips.

Tip: Use about 10 tags that describe the category, content, company name and keywords.

Two ways to get more viewers (and thus get higher in the search results)

1) ”Embed” the commercial on your website

Create an article or a separate page on the website. Or put it on the home page.

Why is it important?

Because it helps you get more viewers. Google wants to know how many people watched the movie, and the number of people watching the movie on your website is included in that amount.

In order for the page to rank higher in Google, you need text on the page. Otherwise, Google does not understand what the movie contains.

A quick checklist of what should be on the page:

  • Keywords in the URL link (eg )
  • Keywords in the Headline
  • ”Embed” the movie
  • Keywords in the text and sentences
  • Screenplay from the film
  • Youtube link to the movie

2) Use a thumbnail that people want to click on

The thumbnail is the face of the movie. This is the first thing people watch when the movie shows up in the search results, so it has to look really good.

Surveys show that selected thumbnails win over automatically selected ones each time. So make sure it’s something people want to click on while showing what your movie is about.

You can also have something that makes people curious.

A few concluding words

You’re sitting on a gold mine. But if you do not optimize your commercial, you will lose both traffic and potential customers.

Therefore, it is important that you use the right keywords in your title, description and tags. And that you also put the film on your website with a custom thumbnail. It makes a big difference in how high your movie ranks in Google and Youtube.

Have you optimized your commercial? Do you have any tips that have worked extra well for you? Leave a comment below.


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