Live action video eller animerad?

Yesterday I had a customer meeting where we discussed the company’s dilemma: live action video or animation?

This is a discussion that comes up quite often and then it can be good to know what should be discussed.

What do you sell?
What is the most important feeling the viewer should bring with them?
If the video needs a change in 6 months, how difficult will it be? .
What is the price difference?
What is the delivery time?


Good for showing a tangible product. If you sell bread, the viewer would rather see the real bread than a drawn variant.
Personal contact and trust


Live action is limiting, you can not show what you want
Changes in retrospect are often difficult
Costs more than animation


You can show anything on the screen, and with a little science you can make sure the viewer remembers your message better
Good for describing abstract or conceptual product / services
Easy to match color and graphics with your brand
Easy to make changes to your product / service is constantly changing, or if you want to change the logo etc


Not the same personal contact as live action

This is a good place to start the discussion, in many cases it is obvious what is best, but some companies can go both ways.

What else do you take into account to decide which type of video is right for you?

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