Marknadsför din startup med animerad video

In the beginning, all startups have a common problem: exposure. As we know, it does not matter how good product or service you sell, if no one knows if there will be no customers.

Animated / explainer / sales / web video is great for startups for a couple of reasons.

In addition to the common reasons that people no longer want to read text, and better search engine optimization, your startup can:

Deliver a cruel elevator pitch digitally

Instead of sending boring ”value-seeking” emails to people, you can instead send a link to a video on e.g. youtube pitching is a startup. You know how it is, you get an email from someone and it just screams ”I want something from you”, and you throw the email faster than quick.

You can also be creative when it comes to sharing the video. Send out USB stick with the video inserted, who would throw it away?

With a video, not only is the person much more likely to open the video, once they watch it, it is not YOU who is pitching, you do not end up in the same ”low-value” position. It also looks professional.

2. Storytelling

You get the chance to tell your story. Everyone has one, but many do not get the chance to tell theirs as people lose interest very quickly, especially when the story is written in text. In video format, we get the freedom to be really creative, fun, and communicate effectively.

Viral video, a startup’s wet dream

Of course, it’s easier said than done to create a viral video, but the opportunity to create something creative that people want to spread is there. Text is simply not as interesting anymore, but a short video with a fun / interesting / inspirational message is something people love.

I myself have had a viral video, this was a private video, but it was one of the funniest things that happened to me. The video ended up i.a. on CNN and MSN’s front page, it was on TV in the US, Sweden, and England. Something you never forget.


To sum up, we believe that animated video has extra great potential for startups as the first years are critical.


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