Hur ska man använda en animerad video?

Video on the web does not only have one function. Here I go through different ways that you can use to drive sales, train internally, drive traffic, etc. with the help of animated video.

  1.    Advertising

A commercial on the website that describes a specific product or service. The video pitches and aims to get the viewer to act, often by filling in their contact information, calling the company directly, or the like. This is the most common approach, and works great. People prefer to watch than to read, it’s just a matter of keeping their attention, and it helps if you sell something that people want.

 2.    Internal training

In larger companies, in-house training becomes difficult. How can you keep employees’ attention during ”boring” training? There is nothing worse than sitting and reading about something you do not care about. Animated video can be used to educate employees about e.g. your values, code of conduct, etc. in a way that entertains more but also stimulates both hearing and sight, which means that more information is preserved.

 3.    How-to / inform

Show how a product is used, or inform about a topic that people are generally ignorant of. How does a cloud service work in practice? Many people know what it is, but not many people know how it works. A short, stylish video that explains cloud technology can drive a lot of interest.

You give free value to the viewer without asking for anything in return, and they end up on your website.

Infographics are a popular way to do this.

 4.    Drive traffic

In addition to what I just mentioned, you can drive traffic by making a video that invests 100% in entertainment, where the goal is for the video to be spread. This is obviously not that easy. Viral videos are often unplanned, but is there anything better than a campaign that spreads virally?


Now you have a little better idea of ​​how to use video marketing. In later posts, we will look at how to choose which channel to use. Is it enough to upload a video on youtube also increase sales, or should you pay for a video host? We’re investigating, so keep your eye open.